Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It all started out small...

My little family love to eat fresh vegetables. We put vegetables to almost everything like our soups, stir frys, salads as well as juicing. After I had our baby girl, we strive to be able to provide her the freshest fruits and vegetables that we can get a hold of.

With my passion for  plants and with my hubbys super strength, with the current economy, we joined hands and  decided that we should start a garden. We found just the perfect spot to grow. My moms weedy backyard! After we got the GO! signal, my husband started digging the ground. He made me 4 raised bed garden and 4 plots. We prepped the soil with some composts from his boss backyard. While all that is cooking, I ordered the seeds and started germinating them.

I also started vermicomposting. I got my first red wrigglers from a friend who also have a sustainable garden but I thought it might not be enough so I ordered from they have a sping sale with their 2000ct worms. They are now lively and wiggling happily in my compost bins. I also have noticed plenty of fresh vermipods so, I'm excited! :)

I used to plant with only composting and vermicomposting. This year, I am trying companion planting, composting, vermicomposting and biointensive gardening for the first time so I'll see how this goes. I have encountered a lot of very informative websites that details about each method. I thought, since it's all earth friendly, Why not do it all together? If you think about it, with nature, everything goes.

I also saw the movie "Back to Eden" which spark the idea of combining all the methods. A very inspirational movie or should I say documentary.

There is so much to learn about gardening and the environment and I am excited to learn new things and be able to share. I currently dont have any pictures to share but I will have a few soon.

See you all next time ;)

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